You’ll never guess why liberals are attacking this business!

We’ve been witnessing attacks against conservatives and their principles for quite some time so this recent example really should be of no surprise. Just this week on Twitter, liberal artist Cher went on her predictable tirade against Senator Rand Paul suggesting he was against civil rights for minorities. Of course she was lying and twisting her interpretation of what Sen. Paul’s stance is on the matter, but is that not what liberals in Hollywood and media are known for?

Morris Communications is a multi-media conglomerate that seems to have been a recent target of liberal website Gawker as well as a local small media print publisher Metro Spirit.

R.O.A.R., which stands for Renaissance of American Responsibility, is the latest creation by Morris Communication and headed by Michael Ryan. Ryan is an accomplished author who serves on the editorial staff of Morris’ print publication the Augusta Chronicle located in Augusta, Georgia, which also happens to be the headquarters for Morris Communications and Metro Spirit.

When the news of the launch broke, the liberal site Gawker wasted no time attacking.

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The Lawlessness of the Obama Administration

Overriding Congress

The more we find out about the trade of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 key Taliban members the more it looks like a bad deal for the United States. In an interview with Brian William of the Obama loving network NBC, Obama himself believes he does not need approval in “his” government. We’ve not only seen that attitude of “I’ve got a phone and a pen” with the Bergdahl trade, we have also seen this imperialistic behavior with how his administration handles laws in place with voter ID, immigration, Obamacare, National Labor Relation Board nominees and more.

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The Contract on the Government (Book Review)

If the standoff between an American Cowboy (Cliven Bundy) and the federal government is any indication of a Government out of control, just wait until the real tyranny begins before the 2016 Presidential elections.  No doubt the current administration and the progressives who want more power will stop at nothing to keep it. Add to that list the many left-leaning Republicans and liberal Democrats, and you have a cesspool of corruption on the backs of the American people.  Tired of it? Think there is nothing you can do about it? Think again.

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Coming to Small Town, U.S.A. near you…..16 ton MRAP

Mine Resistant Armored Protection vehicle or MRAP were developed in 2007 to protect our military troops from mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in Iraq.  However through a government program now small municipalities have them including mine.  North Augusta is an iconic small town with the population of less than 22,000 according to the last census of 2012.

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Obamacare is the “Law of the land”….or not

One would question the motive of this administration to set into motion yet another delay in the “law of the land” known as Obamacare.   Just months ago during the debate on the shutdown of the Government, Republicans were attacked by the liberal  press for suggesting any part of a delay in the ACA (affordable healthcare act); but now President Obama is cloaking the decision as a way to “smooth out” the kinks of the process that is “working the way it should”. It was suggested by Ed Henry (Fox News WH correspondent) to Press Secretary Jay Carney this week that the news of yet another delay appeared a “political” one but Carney brushed off such notion, albeit in a not very convincible fashion.

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Holder’s Fast & Furious: Still an Inconvenient Truth…

It will soon be three years since the murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry, involving guns secretly sent to Mexican drug cartels by Eric Holder and his Department of Justice.  As this writer has reported in several past articles, the Obama administration has worked tirelessly to cover up the scandal and pass it off as nothing more than a GOP distraction. No one in the ATF department has been reprimanded for their roles and as with other stories that expose scandals of this administration, even the media was complicit in turning a blind eye to the story. Of course Obama had a campaign to win after all so it wasn’t convenient to really tell the truth to the voters at the time.

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Priorities: Paying for Wine Goblets (but not Veterans)

Ever notice that when it is convenient for President Obama to come to the cameras to bash the Tea Party and House Republicans, he is “Johnny on the spot”. However, when it comes to explaining why he is refusing to negotiate, he walks away from that tough question.  We’ve heard how the WWII veterans were kept from visiting the war memorial that was erected in their honor and we’ve also heard about veterans being arrested.  The National Mall was available for Democrats and people who are pushing for amnesty with the immigration bill, but 5 blocks away the WWII Memorial was still closed.

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The Left Using Another Tragedy for Gun Control

Like the tragedy in Sandy Hook as well as the thwarted attempt by Michael Hill this week in Decatur, Georgia to shoot children in an elementary school, mental health, dysfunctional family unit and isolation are some of the factors in recent tragic gun shootings not the guns themselves.  Democratic liberal politicians and progressive media focus on confiscation of guns because they feel if we have no guns on the streets then no one will be killed or injured.

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Can America Be Great Again?

Many of us remember when we first watched the launch of a Space Shuttle.  We can also recall where we were during the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, losing our brave astronauts who had given their lives for the dream of space exploration.  Likewise, many of us will also recall the day we watched our Space Shuttles being placed in museums around the country, because a new President decided he no longer wanted America to be known as a “great nation”. – See more at:

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