An 11 year old boy does something so touching to honor Veterans…..

When you think that one person cannot make a difference remember this video. No name marks the seven minute production and the coverage of the video itself has only been tied to a few blogs and social media. However, this story should be shared and should be seen by all of us. It’s a young boy who decided he wanted to show his respect and remember those who died on Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion. Spending four days in an American Cemetery in France, this young man wanted to try and imagine what it was like for those soldiers on that fateful day.  With a uniform and the American Flag, this 11 year old stood in salute for over an hour on the beach. The only time he put his hand down was to wipe away the tears streaming down his cheek when he imagined the scene of the soldiers coming off their vessels in war serving our country. This young boy wanted to honor those troops who died for our country. In the video you will see small crowds of people gather in awe at what this young man was accomplishing. You also see several veterans come and salute his efforts. It’s a powerful video and the parent who supported this young man should also be applauded! This is patriotism and a young boy really gets what that all means.  We should learn from him. Honor our troops; support them even though you might not support what they have to do. They deserve so much more, but certainly nothing less.

A reflection of September 11, 2001 from my friends…..

A few days ago I asked several of my friends on social media their thoughts on September 11th as we reflect on this 13th anniversary. Are we safer today? What do you remember that day? Here are their words…….


Charlie H.

I saw the news reports and was sure the world would never be the same. Unfortunately I was right.

Virginia C.

I was at a friend’s house watching TV news and having coffee. We at first thought it was an accident until the second plane flew in. we were in shock and called a few other friends. Went to the quickie store and everyone was talking about it. We went back to the house and watched news the rest of the day. No I do not feel safer today. Back then I had no fears. Now I profile in airports and on planes.


Paige G.

I was wrapping up some accounting and had Fox News on. And no way do I feel safer. I am terrified to travel.

Anna S.

I had called a physician’s wife to schedule an interview with her husband for a cover story for magazine. Dr. Bunny Williams said “Anna is your TV on? A plane just flew into World Trade Center…” We remained on the phone as we both were watching in shock of this “accident” for it to turn to horror as we saw the second plane hit. Few words were said for the duration of our conversation especially after the second hit knowing America was under attack. I believe we ended the conversation for me to call her back at a later time to schedule the interview for her husband. I had overwhelming grief that turned to promise of hearing stories of how Americans pulled together in the Towers to save others. The motto for 9/11 is “we will never forget” but sadly we have forgotten! We’ve forgotten or we would NOT tolerate this pRez. whose job is to help keep us safe and follow our Constitution but he is working with, supplying to our enemies through weapons and OUR hard earned tax dollars, and sharing strategies and secrets assisting our enemies! There is much to fear! God help us!


Judy T.

I came in the door after having my blood drawn earlier and Harry & Matt were watching TV in the living room. The news was on, so I sat to watch, also. Then we simultaneously saw the first plane hit the tower, and I remember covering my mouth to keep from screaming and started to pray. Then the second plane hit the other tower and I became angry for the first time, but I continued to pray. I knew that GOD had a plan for us and HE was calling us to prayer together. And no I don’t feel safer, just more aware of trouble ahead with our enemies which was foretold by prophets. But GOD has already conquered evil when JESUS died on the cross, and JESUS is ALIVE and the HOLY SPIRIT dwells in all believers and me. GOD is still in control! ……

Bobbi G

I was at work, one of the ladies had a radio on and she heard it and told us all. It was unbelievable! Then the boss let one of the people who lived close go to her home and get a TV, then it was even more unbelievable. How could that happen in our America? I will always remember the courageous men and women in uniform who gave their lives to help others! It is only getting worse and I will never feel the same safe feelings we all had living in America Home of the FREE!


Robin S.

I was getting an oil change. Their TV was on one of the alphabet channels. Everyone was curious but not alarmed. Then the second plane hit the tower and I think everyone thought it was a serious situation and potentially an orchestrated attack. The rest of the day was eerie. Long lines at the gas pumps. No contrails in the air… I feel safer in the air, but not in large hotels or large gathering places. The borders are the next point of entry and there’s no effort to keep them safe except by the guys on the ground down there but they have no support except for the governors who care about the country.

Linda L.

On 9/11 I was at work at St Mary’s in Athens GA. I no longer feel safe because of the current President – he is loose cannon, brazenly ignoring the US Constitution and Christian values this country has been built on. I am afraid for the future of my family because he has allowed terrorists to enter our country by not securing our borders – it will only get worse- God help us.


Pat VH

I had a bilateral mastectomy in October 2000. On 9/11/2001 I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room for my one year appointment watching TV. I was the one who told her about it. We didn’t know about the second plane at the point. Once I knew it was terrorism I knew it would be a very long war. Like a 100 year or longer war. I still believe that. With borders wide open and welcoming people from all over the world who hate us, coupled with liberal morons who refuse to see what’s right in front of them….I do not feel safe at all.




You’ll never guess why liberals are attacking this business!

We’ve been witnessing attacks against conservatives and their principles for quite some time so this recent example really should be of no surprise. Just this week on Twitter, liberal artist Cher went on her predictable tirade against Senator Rand Paul suggesting he was against civil rights for minorities. Of course she was lying and twisting her interpretation of what Sen. Paul’s stance is on the matter, but is that not what liberals in Hollywood and media are known for?

Morris Communications is a multi-media conglomerate that seems to have been a recent target of liberal website Gawker as well as a local small media print publisher Metro Spirit.

R.O.A.R., which stands for Renaissance of American Responsibility, is the latest creation by Morris Communication and headed by Michael Ryan. Ryan is an accomplished author who serves on the editorial staff of Morris’ print publication the Augusta Chronicle located in Augusta, Georgia, which also happens to be the headquarters for Morris Communications and Metro Spirit.

When the news of the launch broke, the liberal site Gawker wasted no time attacking.

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The Lawlessness of the Obama Administration

Overriding Congress

The more we find out about the trade of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 key Taliban members the more it looks like a bad deal for the United States. In an interview with Brian William of the Obama loving network NBC, Obama himself believes he does not need approval in “his” government. We’ve not only seen that attitude of “I’ve got a phone and a pen” with the Bergdahl trade, we have also seen this imperialistic behavior with how his administration handles laws in place with voter ID, immigration, Obamacare, National Labor Relation Board nominees and more.

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The Contract on the Government (Book Review)

If the standoff between an American Cowboy (Cliven Bundy) and the federal government is any indication of a Government out of control, just wait until the real tyranny begins before the 2016 Presidential elections.  No doubt the current administration and the progressives who want more power will stop at nothing to keep it. Add to that list the many left-leaning Republicans and liberal Democrats, and you have a cesspool of corruption on the backs of the American people.  Tired of it? Think there is nothing you can do about it? Think again.

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Coming to Small Town, U.S.A. near you…..16 ton MRAP

Mine Resistant Armored Protection vehicle or MRAP were developed in 2007 to protect our military troops from mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in Iraq.  However through a government program now small municipalities have them including mine.  North Augusta is an iconic small town with the population of less than 22,000 according to the last census of 2012.

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