Your Vagina doesn’t speak for me!

It has been said that this election cycle is the nastiest one on record.  The second (or third, or fourth) leg of the “war on women” by the left has been in full swing with the recent comment made by Rep. Todd Akin (MO).  I know I don’t need to repeat what he said because liberal media networks such as MSNBC have used this as their major  talking points now since the day after Akin spoke those words.

I guess the thought of focusing on the real problems our country faces like debt cliff, record unemployment and growth of government is too much to ask. What I find as a woman, conservative, mother and Christian is that the Democrats seem to suggest that they know better about what matters to me than I do myself.  Apparently the upcoming DNC convention is focusing on several social issues like gay marriage, abortion (coded as women’s health) and contraceptives.  The Democrats even gave Sandra Fluke a speaker position at the convention along with actress Eva Longoria. While I sit here and try to grasp how the Democrats could possibly understand why those two women are examples of what real women are concerned with, I am left both amused and a little confused by their notion.

You see, contraceptive is available for all women. We all know we can drive to our nearest WalGreens or neighborhood pharmacy and with insurance pay as little as $10 for contraceptives. I should know since I take contraceptives for other health reasons and have now for over 13 years. If we can’t afford that we can always go to our local community clinics and receive it for free. Go figure right?

However, if we listen to the Democrats like Sandra Fluke or DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, there is a war on women waged by the Republican party because we support pro life values.  The Democratic party says abortion is a woman’s right. All fine and well and the last time I checked that service is available today. Planned Parenthood has services for women on healthcare as well as abortion. Notice every Planned Parenthood location is strategically placed  in urban areas? I believe in the morning after pill to be used in cases of rape and incest. I believe if a woman’s health is at risk it is up to her, the doctor and her family to decide what path to take at that point. I am not on this earth to judge. However, with that said, I don’t think abortion should be used for women who can’t or won’t take birth control and are actively sexual. I also don’t believe in late term or partial birth abortions. Period.

To suggest to me that because I have those views that I am somehow against women or should be ashamed is laughable and insulting. I use my role as a woman, mother and wife to be an example to my family, friends and colleges of what I stand for. I don’t stay up at night thinking about the Republicans (especially white males as per the DNC) taking away my rights as a woman and taking us back to the 1950’s.  I am worried about the economy, my children’s future and where our country will be if we don’t make the necessary decisions to turn the course of where our country is headed.

I use my faith in God each and every day.  I start each day that I am on this earth with a devotional. I am a caring person, have worked for many years and give back to the community where I reside. Many conservative/republican women can say the same. That is why I say to those liberal/progressive movements that use women as your sounding board that you are way off base when it comes to what the majority of women care about.  I don’t need some zelot dressed as an oversized Vagina like Code Pink touting how they represent the women in this country. No you don’t! You, Code Pink and the other radical leftist movements  are no more representative of the majority of the women in this country as radical parties do tagged for the radical right in politics.

It’s time to focus on what matters to the American people no matter who you are. Jobs, the economy, the debt and where the future of our children and grandchildren will be are central to the vast majority of the American people. This administration made the mistake of trying to pit Americans against each other based on color, religious beliefs, status and gender. I think November will be very telling of that choice. Instead of a United States we are a Divided States and we the people will not stand by anymore! It’s not extreme to live within our means. It’s not extreme to ask for our Government to pass a budget. It’s not extreme to expect our President to represent all of the people. What is extreme is suggesting we shouldn’t care.