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Obama floats the idea of mandatory voting as a clueless group of young people approve by clapping…

Think about it…make voting in elections mandatory. Using the examples of Argentina and Venezuela (who by the way impose fines or imprisonment for not complying), President Obama floated the idea to a group in a Cleveland town hall that included young people who seemed oblivious to the notion of their Government forcing them to act. Scary. Obama mentioned Australia in his speech for touting how compulsory voting is a success; but according to statistics in a 2013 BBCNews report, people would rather pay the fine, not bother to register or simply submit a blank ballot during elections. The opposite effect the law intended.

So let’s ponder this suggestion of our current sitting President for just a moment. The same man who had no problem when his campaign was able to raise $1 billion for his reelection, has decided to criticize and blame Republicans for the money they raised in the 2012 campaign. With the support of the left leaning media, the constant attacks on Republican donors like the Koch brothers seem to negate the fact that liberal/progressive donors such as Tom Steyer, George Soros or SEIU unions far exceed the donations of their competition. Why the hypocritical stance? Why use this as the excuse to ponder mandatory voting laws?

The left didn’t have a problem with money infiltrating campaigns until the Citizens United case in front of the Supreme Court. Because the SCOTUS voted in favor of Citizens United, Obama went on the attack of the justices who voted against his ideology; even chastising them in front of Congress and guests at the State of the Union address in 2010. Yet two years later, he and the left wing media boasted about how $1 billion was raised for his campaign.

Basically, the Democrat party has been taken over by the liberal/progressive wing which believes their way of doing things trump all. If you don’t believe in big government, then you are against the working poor. If you are pro-life, then you are waging a war on women. If you stand for your faith, then you are a religious fanatic who hates people in general. If you believe in the concept of traditional marriage, then you are anti-gay. If you don’t like the policies of this POTUS, then you are racist.

There is “no working across the isles” anymore and the notion that because Republicans gained control of Congress in 2015; there would somehow be a mea culpa from Obama and he would work with Republicans to the center on issues is a lost cause. Instead, Obama has moved more to the left; leaving out the Independents and moderate Democrats who voted to reelect him in 2012.

The Democrats so far have only Hillary Clinton to rally around. Clinton was the speaker box for the single payer system. Clinton believes in big government. If Republican candidates or journalists question her motives or actions the next claim by liberals will be you are a sexist.

Make no mistake, the only reason Obama floats the idea of mandatory voting is because he knows his recent executive orders on illegals will ensure votes. Obama tried to use the tried and failed “voter suppression” lie to explain why his base didn’t show up in 2014, but as the elections of 2012 proved, the states with voter ID laws saw the largest numbers of Democratic voters at the polls.

This is a strategy that the left will ramp up for the 2016 Presidential race. If you thought the radical rantings of Democrats and the liberal media was bad in 2012 (like claiming Romney killed a woman or hates dogs) then you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Despite ISIS Ramping Up Brutality, Obama Labels Them an “Organization”

On February 3, the graphic and tragic images of Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh being burned alive by ISIS terrorists filled the internet, social media, and cable news. There was no doubt in the minds of Americans that this latest massacre was at the hands of a group that uses their radical ideology to justify such barbaric acts.

The Obama administrationcontinues to take a back seat approach to whether or not U.S. forces will assist in taking out the threat of ISIS outside of targeted drone attacks. Instead, the Obama administration spends the majority of its time expressing that ISIS is not an Islamic extremist group and their behavior does not represent a religion. In a press conference held the day of the pilot’s death being televised, President Obama, with Jordanian King Abdullah seated next to him, called ISIS an “organization,” doubling down on their insistence of not calling the group Islamic extremists or Islamic terrorist.

The question asked by respected Generals of our military rings clear:  “How can we defeat Islamic terrorism if our own President is not willing to label them as such?” President Obama’s “red line” against Syria has been about as successful as President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. So what happened to the “anything we could be doing, we are doing” statement Obama made during an interview with NBC during the Super Bowl Sunday coverage?  At least Bush had the wherewithal to listen to his military Generals when it came to how and when America got involved in a conflict. Obama has expressed over and over again that labeling ISIS as nothing more than a “JV Team” is not a threat to the United States.

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Rapper ‘The Game’ rants against police just moments after two NYPD assassinated!

The rapper Jayceon Taylor, aka “The Game”, took to social media to try to justify insensitive comments he made on Twitter concerning the execution style killings of NYPD officer’s Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

On his Instagram account, the rapper explains his rationale for such a callous post.  In the wake of raw emotions, Taylor based his decision to post the now infamous tweet on a picture found on social media. Three pro-NYD demonstrators wearing shirts that say “I can breathe” during a demonstration seemed to anger Taylor who falsely implied these men were police officers. Taylor believes the picture is yet another example of misguided support since he suggests that experiences in his life of being racially profiled and harassed as a young black male resonates with his followers who valued his opinion.  Taylor claims that tweet represented that “all lives matter” but as you can see, that hashtag applied to the tweet itself did not seem to convince the large number of people offended with his choice of words.

Empowered by the backlash from his choice of words, Taylor went on to rant from his Instagram account:

SO WHAT NOW… Do police KILL more civilians ??? Or do civilians KILL more police ??? Y’all can’t see what’s happening to our country ? Or all YALL still too focused on an iPhone app to get off of it to take a REAL LOOK AROUND ??? & you ask me, do I like police: NO !!! Do I hate police: NO !!! Have I experienced more police abusing their authority than not: YES !!! So that’s why “I” say F**K THE POLICE !!! That’s “MY OPINION”…. 


Calls for anarchy and revolution! The faces behind the NYPD protests!

While the liberal media would argue that the protests in New York against the NYPD are grassroots and marchers are your average citizen from the neighborhood.  It would seem the reality is far from that narrative.

After calls yesterday by New York Mayor Bill De Blasio to suspend protests to honor the memories of slain Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu; the groups behind the majority of theprotests issued statements denouncing the request.  The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition is one of several organizations with members rallying in the streets. One of their leaders is self-professed anarchist Brian Becker. Becker is a communist and sympathizer to North Korea, Iran, Hezbollahand Hamas and touts to have thousands of members nationwide.  Becker and his group members are not simple protesters but rather are part of the real intent behind this moment:starting a revolution!

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Bowing to another tyrant continues to weaken America

As syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer alluded to during a panel discussion on Fox News, Obama’s position on Castro is consistent with the President’s position on dealing with any tyrannical leader.  From examples of ignoring Putin invading Ukraine, downsizing our nuclear program and the lack of supporting opposition towards Iran’s regime in 2009, Krauthammer asks, “Is there no tyrant or Anti-American center in the world that Obama will not appease for nothing in return?”

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An 11 year old boy does something so touching to honor Veterans…..

When you think that one person cannot make a difference remember this video. No name marks the seven minute production and the coverage of the video itself has only been tied to a few blogs and social media. However, this story should be shared and should be seen by all of us. It’s a young boy who decided he wanted to show his respect and remember those who died on Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion. Spending four days in an American Cemetery in France, this young man wanted to try and imagine what it was like for those soldiers on that fateful day.  With a uniform and the American Flag, this 11 year old stood in salute for over an hour on the beach. The only time he put his hand down was to wipe away the tears streaming down his cheek when he imagined the scene of the soldiers coming off their vessels in war serving our country. This young boy wanted to honor those troops who died for our country. In the video you will see small crowds of people gather in awe at what this young man was accomplishing. You also see several veterans come and salute his efforts. It’s a powerful video and the parent who supported this young man should also be applauded! This is patriotism and a young boy really gets what that all means.  We should learn from him. Honor our troops; support them even though you might not support what they have to do. They deserve so much more, but certainly nothing less.

A reflection of September 11, 2001 from my friends…..

A few days ago I asked several of my friends on social media their thoughts on September 11th as we reflect on this 13th anniversary. Are we safer today? What do you remember that day? Here are their words…….


Charlie H.

I saw the news reports and was sure the world would never be the same. Unfortunately I was right.

Virginia C.

I was at a friend’s house watching TV news and having coffee. We at first thought it was an accident until the second plane flew in. we were in shock and called a few other friends. Went to the quickie store and everyone was talking about it. We went back to the house and watched news the rest of the day. No I do not feel safer today. Back then I had no fears. Now I profile in airports and on planes.


Paige G.

I was wrapping up some accounting and had Fox News on. And no way do I feel safer. I am terrified to travel.

Anna S.

I had called a physician’s wife to schedule an interview with her husband for a cover story for magazine. Dr. Bunny Williams said “Anna is your TV on? A plane just flew into World Trade Center…” We remained on the phone as we both were watching in shock of this “accident” for it to turn to horror as we saw the second plane hit. Few words were said for the duration of our conversation especially after the second hit knowing America was under attack. I believe we ended the conversation for me to call her back at a later time to schedule the interview for her husband. I had overwhelming grief that turned to promise of hearing stories of how Americans pulled together in the Towers to save others. The motto for 9/11 is “we will never forget” but sadly we have forgotten! We’ve forgotten or we would NOT tolerate this pRez. whose job is to help keep us safe and follow our Constitution but he is working with, supplying to our enemies through weapons and OUR hard earned tax dollars, and sharing strategies and secrets assisting our enemies! There is much to fear! God help us!


Judy T.

I came in the door after having my blood drawn earlier and Harry & Matt were watching TV in the living room. The news was on, so I sat to watch, also. Then we simultaneously saw the first plane hit the tower, and I remember covering my mouth to keep from screaming and started to pray. Then the second plane hit the other tower and I became angry for the first time, but I continued to pray. I knew that GOD had a plan for us and HE was calling us to prayer together. And no I don’t feel safer, just more aware of trouble ahead with our enemies which was foretold by prophets. But GOD has already conquered evil when JESUS died on the cross, and JESUS is ALIVE and the HOLY SPIRIT dwells in all believers and me. GOD is still in control! ……

Bobbi G

I was at work, one of the ladies had a radio on and she heard it and told us all. It was unbelievable! Then the boss let one of the people who lived close go to her home and get a TV, then it was even more unbelievable. How could that happen in our America? I will always remember the courageous men and women in uniform who gave their lives to help others! It is only getting worse and I will never feel the same safe feelings we all had living in America Home of the FREE!


Robin S.

I was getting an oil change. Their TV was on one of the alphabet channels. Everyone was curious but not alarmed. Then the second plane hit the tower and I think everyone thought it was a serious situation and potentially an orchestrated attack. The rest of the day was eerie. Long lines at the gas pumps. No contrails in the air… I feel safer in the air, but not in large hotels or large gathering places. The borders are the next point of entry and there’s no effort to keep them safe except by the guys on the ground down there but they have no support except for the governors who care about the country.

Linda L.

On 9/11 I was at work at St Mary’s in Athens GA. I no longer feel safe because of the current President – he is loose cannon, brazenly ignoring the US Constitution and Christian values this country has been built on. I am afraid for the future of my family because he has allowed terrorists to enter our country by not securing our borders – it will only get worse- God help us.


Pat VH

I had a bilateral mastectomy in October 2000. On 9/11/2001 I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room for my one year appointment watching TV. I was the one who told her about it. We didn’t know about the second plane at the point. Once I knew it was terrorism I knew it would be a very long war. Like a 100 year or longer war. I still believe that. With borders wide open and welcoming people from all over the world who hate us, coupled with liberal morons who refuse to see what’s right in front of them….I do not feel safe at all.